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Abdominal Exploratory: Gastrotomy

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Abdominal exploratories can be both exciting and nerve racking.  Fun because you can ABSOLUTELY help your patient and make an immediate impact on their comfort and potentially save their life.  They can also be anxiety inducing because you never know exactly what you’re going to find.  But if you take a consistent and systematic approach to each exploratory, stick to your basic surgical principles, and are willing to problem solve there is nothing that you can’t handle when it comes to abdominal surgery.

Join Dr. Jen Lancaster as she guides you through a routine gastrotomy and abdominal exploratory for a patient that has misplaced her favorite toy.

Tags: Surgery, soft tissue, explore, exploratory, laparotomy, ex lap, exploratory laparotomy, abdomen, abdominal, gastrotomy, foreign body, obstruction, gi, gastrointestinal

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