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Abdominal Exploratory: Splenectomy

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Join Dr. Dan as he demonstrates his approach to a splenectomy.  In the case of a hemoabdomen, these procedures are often emergencies.  What better way to prepare than to watch this video prior to that next hemoabdomen! Enjoy!

In this video we highlight the critical aspect of evaluating the entire abdomen because you never know what you may find when completing an abdominal exploratory.

Tags: Surgery, soft tissue, explore, exploratory, laparotomy, ex lap, exploratory laparotomy, abdomen, abdominal, spleen, splenectomy, mass, growth, tumor, cancer, neoplasia, gastrotomy, stomach

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Libby Czapor

Dr. Dan gives the best tips! It's so easy to overlook something as simple as checking the whole abdomen. This video is a must watch!