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VMS Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q. What is VMS?

     *  VMS is a company dedicated to providing mentorship to veterinary students and new veterinarians as they enter small animal clinical practice.

2) Q. How will I be mentored?

     * Our team of veterinary partners has built a comprehensive video library covering a wide range of topics critical to success as a new 

       small animal veterinarian.

     * The video library is searchable and available on demand to any device with an internet connection.

3) Q. How long are the videos?

     * The majority of lecture style / didactic teaching videos are 5 minutes or less. They are designed to be fast, practical references 

       searchable during a busy work day.

     * Surgical procedures are full length with step by step narration and analysis from the surgeon to guide you through each procedure.

     * Our "Professional and Career Development" chapters feature a series of four longer videos varying from 15-45 minutes in length. 

       These videos are composed of round table discussions with our veterinary business experts and focus on a variety of critical topics 

       including leadership, evaluating culture in an organization, mastering the interview, and defining mentorship.

4) Q. Are the videos strictly small animal focused?

     * Yes. All the teaching videos are small animal focused with the exception of our "Professional and Career Development" chapters

       which are universal to any career path in veterinary medicine.

5) Q. How can I learn about the courses before subscribing?

     * Select "All Courses" from the top navigation bar.

     * A complete list of available courses will be presented. The courses are listed alphabetically by title.

     * The total number of available courses is listed at the bottom of the "All Courses" page.

     * You may also use the center search bar to identify courses / videos by key word.

     * Beneath each course title select "+ Learn More" to see a description of the content for a specific course.

6) Q. How do I access the video library courses?

     * First click the "Create Account" icon at the top right of the home screen.

     * Complete the registration and purchase a subscription.

     * Please note subscription purchases will automatically renew until cancelled.

     * Login using your unique email and password.

     * Once logged in select "enroll me" adjacent to your desired course.

     * Select "Launch Now" to view your desired video.

7) Q. Does a subscription provide access to the ENTIRE course material?

     * Yes. Once a subscription is purchased, a learner has access to the entire video library until the subscription is cancelled.

     * Please note that subscription purchases will automatically renew until cancelled.

8) Q. How do I leave a course rating or comment?

     * First select "My Learning" from the top navigation bar.

     * Your completed course menu will be displayed.

     * Adjacent to each course is a "+" sign.

     * Click the "+" sign.

     * Select "rate this course" to add a star rating +/- a comment.

9) Q. Do I need to renew my subscription?

     * No. Your subscription will automatically renew until you unsubscribe from VMS.

10) Q. How do I unsubscribe?

     * To unsubscribe first select "My Learning" from the top navigation bar.

     * Then select "Transaction History" from the left hand menu.

     * Then select the blue "cancel" option.